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Journal of American Drama and Theatre

The books below have been received at the JADT office at CUNY. If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, contact me at and let me know your experience in the topic area of the book.


Books marked with an asterisk have been assigned for review.

Publishers or authors wishing to have books reviewed can send them to the JADT office at:

Journal of American Drama and Theatre
Martin E. Segal Theatre Center
The CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4309

Books Received

  • Bennett, Michael Y., ed. Edward Albee and Absurdism 2016 Brill Publishing

  • Bianchini, Natka Samuel Beckett's Theatre in America: The Legacy of Alan Schneider as Beckett's American Director Feb. 2015     Palgrave MacMillan

  • Black (Ed.) Cheryl Experiments in Democracy: Interracial and Cross-Cultural Exchange in American Theatre 1912-1945  2016 Southern Illinois University Press

  • Blair, Rhonda and Amy Cook (eds) Theatre, Performance and Cognition: Languages, Bodies & Ecologies 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Blake Skelton, Shannon The Late Work of Sam Shepard 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Crosby, Sara L. Poisonous Muse: The Female Poisoner and the Framing of Popular Authorship in Jacksonian America 2016 University of Iowa Press

  • Dietz, Dan The Complete Book of 1940s Broadway Musicals Feb. 2015 Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

  • Emergency Index: an Annual Document of Performance Practice. Vol. 3 Feb. 2015 Ugly Duckling Presse

  • Emergency Index: an Annual Document of Performance Practice. Vol. 4 Feb. 2016 Ugly Duckling Presse

  • Enelow, Shonni Method Acting and Its Discontents: On American Psycho-Drama 2015 Northwestern UP

  • Fisher, James Historical Dictionary of American Theater, Beginnings May 15 Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

  • Freeman, Lisa A. Antitheatricality and the Body Public 2017 University of Pennsylvania Press

  • Harrison, Jeremy Actor-Musicianship Feb. 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Herrera, Brian Eugenio Latin Numbers: Playing Latino in Twentieth-Century U.S. Popular Performance 2015 University of Michigan Press  

  • Hurt, Melissa Arthur Lessac's Embodied Actor Training  May 15 Routledge

  • Jackson-Schebetta, Lisa Traveler, There is no Road: Theatre, the Spanish Civil War, and the Decolonial Imagination in the Americas June 2017 Iowa University Press

  • Johnson, Odai London in a Box: Englishness and Theatre in Revolutionary America June 2017 Iowa University Press

  • Johnston, Kirsty Disability Theater and Modern Drama: Recasting Modernism 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Jouve, Emeline Susan Glaspell's Poetics and Politics of Rebellion 2017 University of Iowa Press

  • *Kim Lee, Esther The Theatre of David Henry Hwang Dec. 2015 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Klein, Emily B. Sex and war on the American Stage: Lysistrata in Performance 1930-2012 May 15 Routledge

  • Kozinn, Sarah Justice Performed: Courtroom TV Shows and the Theaters of Popular Law May 15 Bloomsbury

  • Laera, Margherita (Ed.) Theatre and Adaptation : Return, Rewrite, Repeat Feb. 2015 Bloomsbury

  • Laster, Dominika Grotowski's Bridge Made of Memory: Embodied Memory, Witnessing and Transmission in the Grotowski Work Nov. 2015 Univ. of Chicago Press

  • Levin, Laura and Marlis Schweitzer (Eds.) Performance Studies in Canada May 2017 McGill-Queen's University Press

  • Luckett, Sharrell D. and Tia M. Shaffer (Eds.) Black Acting Methods: Critical Approaches  2016 Routledge

  • Mayer, John Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago in Their Own Words 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Mayo, Sandra M. Stages of Struggle & Celebration: Production History of Black Theatre in Texas  2016 University of Texas Press

  • Mermikides, Alex Performance and the Medical Body Jan. 2016 Bloombury Methuen Drama

  • *Ney, Charles Directing Shakespeare in America: Current Practices April 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • O'Connor, Jacqueline Law & Sexuality in Tennessee William's America 2016 Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

  • *Patterson, Eddie The Contemporary American Monologue: Performance and Politics Nov. 2015 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • Purdy, Stephen Musical Theatre Song: A Comprehensive Course in Selection, Preparation, and Presentation for the Modern Performer Feb 2016 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

  • *Schildcrout, Jordan Murder Most Queer: The Homicidal Homosexual in the American Theater Dec. 2014 University of Michigan Press

  • Shannon, Sandra G. August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle: Critical Perspectives on the Plays 2015 McFarland

  • Tepa Lupack, Barbara (Ed. And Trans.) Ivar Kreuger & Jeanne de la Motte: Two Plays by Jerzy W. Tepa May 15 The University of Chicago Press

  • Tyszki, Juliusza (Ed.) Performance Studies: Sources and Perspectives May 15 Kontekst Publishing House

  • Vey, Shauna Childhood and Nineteenth-Century American Theatre: The Work of the Marsh Troupe of Juvenile Actors Oct 15 Southern Illinois University Press

  • Weiss, Katherine (Ed.) A Student Handbook to the Plays of Tennessee Williams Feb. 2015 Bloomsbury

  • White, Ann Folino Plowed Under: Food Policy Protests and Performance in New Deal America Dec. 2014 University of Indiana Press

  • *White, Timothy R. Blue-Collar Broadway: The Craft and Industry of American Theatre Feb. 2015 University of Pennsylvania Press

  • Zinman, Toby Replay: Classic Modern Drama Reimagined Feb. 2015 Bloomsbury

About JADT

Founded in 1989 and previously edited by Professors Vera Mowry Roberts, Jane Bowers, and David Savran, this widely acclaimed journal is now edited by Professors Naomi J. Stubbs and James F. Wilson. JADT publishes thoughtful and innovative work by leading scholars on theatre, drama, and performance in the U.S. – past and present. Provocative articles provide valuable insight and information on the heritage of American theatre, as well as its continuing contribution to world literature and the performing arts.
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