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Fall 2019


FYSE 139 - Reading Hamilton: Hip-Hop and History in the American Musical

This course will examine Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical Hamilton for how it has changed the ways we look at both American musical theatre and American history. We will look at other sources from historical writings and American musicals, and we’ll examine Hamilton’s music, lyrics, and staging in detail to ask and answer questions about America’s stories. How does the show’s modern popular music help tell the story of the “founding fathers”? Whose story is told? How do the stories we tell about America change over time? How do you want your story told?

THTR 388 - Dramatic Theory and Criticism

A study of theories of drama ranging from classical Greece to the modern theatre. Topics will include censorship, audience reception, views on the purpose and ideal structure of theatre, production methodologies and dramaturgical writing and criticism.

THTR310 - Theatre History and Literature to 1750

A study of the development of the theatre and its literature from the Greeks to 1750, including a survey of plays, actors, theatre architecture and production arrangements. Emphasis will be on the role that theatre and theatrical texts played within the society of their creation.

Spring 2020 - FYE Abroad

The Scottish Play: Macbeth, Edinburgh, and the Highlands of Scotland

Experience the city of Edinburgh and tour Macbeth country and The Highlands. We will explore and compare Shakespeare’s imagined Scotland and the historical Scotland of the 11th century ruler known as The Red King. We could not pick a better place to explore the dramaturgy of Macbeth and its historical facts, fictions, and superstitions. For more information please contact Glenda Byars at or Susan Kattwinkel at

You can learn more about this great opportunity by following the course's blog here.

Course Director: Glenda Byars (Theatre) and Susan Kattwinkel (Theatre)

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